Our Team

Core Team

Pankaj Choudhary

Founder - Let's Do It, India

Pankaj Choudhary is a well-known academician and currently serving as an Assistant Professor of International Environment Law at University of Delhi. He is actively engaged in addressing issues regarding pollution in India. As an Environment leader, He initiated Let’s Do It India to trigger a mass movement fight against plastic pollution and to pitch for solid waste management in India. He has successfully acted for sensitizing the Public against Plastics and received magnificent response from the country. 

Taking inspiration from the vibrant outcomes and dynamism from his initial work and taking the drive ahead with the need of the hour, Mr. Choudhary has been now focusing towards driving the plastics out from the Rivers, Ocean and Coastlines. He thus successfully programmed the Let’s Do It India: Blue Initiatives where he has oriented the team to work in a holistic manner. He believes in the team potentiality and integrative approach of team work divided into various groups which work as an core machinery to bring the scientific knowledge output for public relevance and frame them into forming policies so that Sustainable Development Goals: Life Below Water and Climate Action, can be Achieved.

His vision is to involve the local population, coastal community, fishermen and students from various Schools, Colleges, Institutes and NGOs in cleaning, refreshing and maintaining our Rivers, Coast and the Biodiversity.

Pradeep Singh

National Leader - Let's Do It, India

Pradeep Singh is the National leader of the Lets Do It India. He is one of the most enthusiastic personality who has dedicated himself to serve and preserve the Nature and its Biodiversity. Being a dynamic national leader of the organization, he has represented India in Several International forums such as Let’s Do It World Conference 2020 at Helsinki, Finland, where he highlighted the steps and achievements of Let’s Do It India and its future goals and initiatives. After receiving a successful response for his work from all parts of the country including Islands, he is now leading the new chapter, Let’s Do It India: Blue Initiatives. Under his guidance the scientific community of Let’s do it India: Blue Initiatives has geared up to take actions for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, in the field of Life Below Water and Climate Action. Under his supervision the Blue Initiatives team is working across the India including remote Islands on the Rivers and Marine Environments, to restore it pristine natural form and to achieve its sustainability.

Ravi Pratap Singh

Expert and Head- Blue Initiatives

Being a Marine Biologist, Ravi Pratap Singh is naturally motivated to continuously engaged in Environmental Research and Development since, 2011. His area of interest includes Wetlands, Coastal Conservation and Restoration, Biodiversity and Sustainable Resource Management. He has an enthusiastic and innately skilled for Community Development and Capacity Building. Ravi is an active member of various groups in different capacities which are in consulting the State Governments and Central Government of India on different Marine Initiative such as Beach Conservation & Restoration. Working with different National Research Laboratories and teams, he is continuously engaged in achieving Sustainable Development Goals: Life Below Water and Climate Action.

Dr. V. Shiva Shankar

Scientist-In-Charge - Blue Initiatives

Dr. Shankar is a nature lover and passionate multi-disciplinary researcher. His areas of expertise and interest are Coastal Ecosystems, Environmental Impact Assessment and Disasters studies, Conservation, Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing. He strongly believes in simple but robust science-based interdisciplinary conservation endeavors through community participation. V. Shiva Shankar obtained his Master’s in Oceanography and Coastal Area Studies from Alagappa University and secured first rank. Thereafter he persued PG Diploma in Geographic Information System from University of Mysore and M.Phil in marine biology from Annamalai University. He went out to obtain his doctoral degree in Coastal Disaster Management from Pondicherry Central University in 2015. He has authored two books, guided 6 post-graduate dissertations and published 20 research articles in reputed national and international scientific journals. He has also worked in Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Jordan and various states of India as part of his research activities. Since 2011, he is actively focused on research in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India.

Abhishek Kumar Patel

Operations Manager - Blue Initiatives

Abhishek is an enthusiastic naturalist. He did his graduation from Hansraj College, University of Delhi. He had led “HARITMA”, the environment society, SGA: The Society of General Awareness of Hansraj College and other national level environment campaign. Currently he is active member of Let’s do It India and actively involved in cleaning drives and other such initiatives. He aspires to become a social servant and a responsible torchbearer for environment protection. 

He believes that Sustainable Development Goals can be achieved only when everyone joins hand in hand, together for a Nobel cause. He is a dynamic motivator, influencing young generation to take up action for climate change. He believes, traditional knowledge is very essential to protect the nature and its resources. His works as a National Co-coordinator and Operations manager, Let’s Do It India: Blue Initiatives and secures the team work towards Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Global Counsellors

Ben (Benoit) Lecomte

Advocate- Adventure- Associate Director of Sustainability Service Practice

Cesar Jung-Harada

Director - MakerBay

National Scientific Team

Dr. Prasun Goswami

Senior Scientist (Research Advisor)

Dr. Prasun, an Oceanographer, completed his Ph.D. in Marine Biology from University of Madras in 2015. His research interests are in the field of microplastics pollution in marine environment and its effects on the food chain. He is focused on the stress biology of marine planktonic organism against Environment stress and marine pollution. His current research interest is centered around the impact of marine plastics pollution on the plankton food web. He is the recipient of prestigious POGO SCOR, UK international young scientist award, DST Young Scientist international travel grant. He has more than 12 international peer reviewed publications. He has participated in several scientific cruise and visited counties like Japan, Iceland and Singapore.

Parth Arora

Parth Arora is a Marine Mycologist with focus on Coastal Zone Management. Currently, He is working on different areas of South Andaman islands in assessing the fungal diversity which falls in line with the NOAA objectives, of which he has been part for past 3 years. He has had an internship at Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change, Govt. of India, working on various aspects of ICRZ. His current work has been acknowledged by Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India at an International Conference. His other engagements are in association with PAGES, The Climate Reality Project and IOCCP. He goes by the motto, We all need ‘development’ but how do we achieve Sustainable Development- the answer is Vision and Goal.

Ajay Gaikwad

Being a River Ecologist, Ajay Gaikwad also has a background marine biology. He has worked for conservation of aquatic animals with Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehradun, an internationally acclaimed Institution, under Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change, Government of India. Since last two years, Ajay has been an active participant of Development of Conservation Action plan for Ganges River Dolphins (Plantanista gangetica) in the rivers of Ganges, Bramhaputra and their tributaries. He has a sound working experience in the recovery plan of Ganges Dolphins and their habitats in India with the engagement of stakeholders in conservation of River Ecosystem in India. He is an expert in River Plankton sampling, Population estimation, Planktons Analysis, Primary Productivity of River Ecosystem, Water Quality Analysis and Water Survey for emerging pollutants and their point sources.

Ayaskanta Pramanik

Ayaskanta is a young researcher, actively engaged in the study of Indian Horseshoe crab research and conservation, which is one of the IUCN red listed animal, seeking immediate action for its conservation. He is a upcoming environmentalist exploring research through microbial and molecular approach. A post-graduate in Marine Biology, he is focused on creating awareness among local communities, specifically among fishermen regarding its vulnerability and habitat conservation along east coast of India. His work has been appreciated in several scientific forums.

Binod Kumar Nath

Binod Kumar Nath is a Modern Survey Faculty of Assam Survey and Settlement Training Centre, Guwahati, Assam, India. He has successfully completed his master’s degree in Disaster Management in 2016 from Pondicherry University, India. He has also completed one year Post Graduate diploma in Remote Sensing & GIS with specialization in Natural Hazard & Disaster Risk Management from Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (ISRO), Dehradun. He has published a number of papers on flood mapping, bank line change, shrinkage of wetlands in various journals and also presented number of papers at national and international conferences held in India.

Dr. G. Narshimullu

Community Outreach Officer

Dr. Narshimulu, is the first person from Andhra fishermen community of Andaman and Nicobar Islands to earn a doctorate degree. He was awarded a Ph.D. in the year 2017 from Disaster Management by Pondicherry University for his work on “Vulnerability Assessment for Tsunami in Southern Part of South Andaman Island Using Remote and GIS”. Being a 2004 tsunami survivor, he was inspired to pursue his higher education in disaster management studies. He is always active in his interactions with the local fishermen community and creates awareness about various government schemes. Apart from his social responsibility, he is actively involved in research related to disasters and post disaster management in Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India.

Apratim Sai Rajesh

Rajesh is a Doctoral Research Scholar working the domain of Patho-biology of Sickle Cell Disease at Fakir Mohan University, Balasore, Odisha in Collaboration with University of Delhi South Campus. An avid reader and thinker with fluency in 5 languages, he believes in the parallel progress of science at the micro as well as macro levels. This inspires and prods him to nurture himself as a budding environmentalist with substantial exposure to marine habitat and biodiversity. He is an active member of the various socio-scientific groups which work for research and conservation of marine animals. He has been exploring the coast line of North Odisha, in rapport with local inhabitants and is well informed about the threats, potentials and opportunities of various natural and anthropogenic factors operating along the coast region. He aims to further develop his skills and understanding for sustainable development of flora and fauna, leading to a healthy and prosperous human population in co-existence. 

As a part of his doctoral research work, he has been awarded the prestigious Biju Patnaik Research Fellowship in Science instituted by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of Odisha, India. He has authored articles, book chapters in various scientific publication and popular science journals.

Women Leaders

Dr. Tiyasha Kanjilal


Dr. Tiyasha is Ph.D. in Biotechnology from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. A Naturalist, she is actively engaged in environment research in the field of Bioremediation. She is significantly contributing to Government of India in the field of Water Research through her research papers which have significant value in achieving Sustainable Development Goals and further strengthen the knowledge in this domain. She is deeply enthusiastic to explore new methods of bioremediation to conserve the aquatic life forms and its resources. She has published more 10 research papers in peer revived International Journals, Contributed 4 Books, 4 Chapters and presented her research on several national and international forums.

Bhubaneswari Panda

Bhubaneswari is a Marine Biologist with keen interest in intertidal and estuarine ecology and is actively engaged in environmental research since 2017. Currently she is working on scientific projects in east coast of India. She has some good experiences of working in offshore regions and has participated in cruise programmes with multiple national laboratories. She is highly motivated in creating awareness, specifically among local community towards marine pollution and sustainable development, as well as in marine biodiversity restoration and conservation.

Netra Bhandari

Netra is a global change ecologist with a particular interest in biodiversity change, spatio-temporal dynamics, quantitative ecology and citizen science. She has been actively involved in many environmental projects relating to biodiversity conservation since 2012. She has experience in working on spatial solutions for integrated watershed management of the Himalayan river systems in India.