River Cleanup & Restoration

Rivers are the Lifelines of Human civilization. Unfortunately, Human forgot the roots of its own existence and leading to potential damage of rivers and its variety of life forms. Our objective is to make river free from plastic and others pollutants so that Sustainable Development Goal: Life Below the water can be achieved.

Biodiversity and Resource Monitoring

We are constantly working on the diversity and distribution of marine flora and fauna. Also, we aim at the conservation of IUCN red listed flora and fauna. 

Coastal/Beach Cleanup

Plastic and other anthropogenic debris are menace to the coastal biota. Our objective is to make coastal fronts plastic free. Few drives were conducted at Carbyn’s Cove and Marina Park, Andaman. We intend to conduct similar programmes at Havelock Island (Swarajdweep), Neil Island (Shaheedweep) and other prominent tourist destinations. Our aim is to generate employment and sustainability of local community

Disaster Risk and Mitigation

Identification and mapping of disaster and hazard prone zones. Training are imparted to the local community for co-existing with disasters. Rehabilitation and escape-route mapping for disaster risk reduction and mitigation.

Community Livelihood & Inclusion

Traditional knowledge and its importance are by and large undocumented. Our Motto is to fuse traditional knowledge with technology for sustainable livelihood. Either ways addresses the findings to the local community and government as well.

GIS & Remote Sensing

This is the backbone of all our initiativess of the organization. All our endeavours are archived, spatial represented and analysed scientifically. This team supports other verticals.

Capacity Building Programme

Tailor-made training are conducted on regular basis for amateur, semi-professionals on GIS, Remote Sensing, biodiversity mapping, bird watching, nature photography, vulnerability assessment, and Environmental impact assessment. Our experienced trainers are of international repute. Motto of our organization to inculcate environment awareness among the local community about conservation of it.